Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More fun at the market?

Saturday we spent most of the day over on Gulang Yu, and as always, we get to walk through the market first to get over to the ferry terminal. But Saturday morning the little path across the street, and the entrance to the market were both blocked, and there was quite a crowd and a lot of commotion. The main thing that we noticed were the police - I'm guessing at least 100 of them were milling around, directing people, and doing general police-type things.

Row of 10 police cars on the north side of the street
Looking across (from Temptations balcony) to police in the blocked-off area
At least 11 police cars on the south side of the street.
Army members with the police at the entrance to the market.

We don't really know happened, we got a little story on Sunday translated to us when enjoying a drink at Me & You 2, that some of the ethnic minorities that sell the nuts at the entrance to the market had also been sleeping out there and this angered some locals. Apparently a fight then started, he pulled out his knife and then there was a lot of blood. We don't know - no blood remnants on the street on Sunday, but then none of the nut vendors either.

If we even find out more we might just update this post - stay tuned.


heather said...

Hey, I'm curious... did MJ's death make the front page in communist China? Here, you'd think the pope had died with all the coverage...

Mark said...

Huh, maybe that's what this was - the police taking down an impromptu shrine to the king of pop. I can see that happening and the locals just making up a better story.

Yeah, it's been big news over here. I'm not sure how communist China would have reported it, but the China of today has fairly extensive coverage.

As for the pope dying - I would think that this would get more press, as his music crossed religious lines and was loved by the whole world, no?