Monday, June 15, 2009

One more outing squeezed in....

Well, it appears we had time for one more outing before everyone starts heading back to their home countries. Since Ellie is moving back permanently, she is desperately trying to optimize her time enjoying some of the more unique aspects of China in her last few remaining days.

For our last outing, (or we think, Ellie may still try and squeeze in one more activity before she leaves) the suggestion was to have a vegetarian lunch at one of the temples located in the middle of the island. Once our tummies were nice and full, it was time for a foot massage. Believe it or not, some women have never had the pleasure of enjoying this experience.

The food was delicious, even if Mark dismisses the notion that you can’t have a great meal without meat. We had dumplings, an assortment of vegetables, and some black sticky rice. The restaurant had a beautiful view, and according to one of the gals, a 5 star bathroom. Yea, the conversations that take place when you are in China! Somehow, rating a bathroom, was never a topic of conversation back home.

Later, a few of us went and had a foot massage, the same place Mark still bitches about, though the gals enjoyed it. During our massage, we discovered that Ellie has never tried cupping, so we think we have convinced her to do so. This of course is assuming she can squeeze in an hour during this crazy week. We promised we would hold her hands and go with her. Hey, what are friends for…

It is truly a unique experience, and a great way to say good-bye to China!

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