Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yunnan Province - Elaine & Emily Guest Blog #4

Elaine and Emily left this morning for a few days in Seoul, South Korea before heading back to their normal world in Chicago, but as we mentioned, they did leave us with a daily journal that we can use to update our blog. The following is more of what they left with us from our trip to the Yunnan Province:

May 30 – We awoke to fog but forged ahead with seeing the terraced rice fields. Our driver did a good job at getting us to clear areas where we could see the rice fields and take photos before the fog rolled in; it was amazing to watch as the fog spread over the fields.We were able to see some of the Duoyi Terrace and then drove on to a Yi minority village market. We walked around and observed all the activity; selling all varieties of fresh vegetables and meats, local people selling and buying raw tobacco and bartering for fresh poultry (one sold and alive in the bag was quite entertaining). We bought some baozi to eat as we walked the village streets.

We had lunch and returned to our hotel to rest and wait for the fog to clear. In the late afternoon, we continued the tour of rice fields and visited a Hani minority village. We had to park at the top of a hill and walked about a mile downhill into the village. These people live in “mushroom” houses and you’ll be able to see why from the photos. This was another very authentic experience…

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