Sunday, July 5, 2009

and so the saga continues...

The young gal who wanted the tips for her service, and her co-worker were to come today to fix the rack where we dry our laundry. Mark sent her a message in the morning to find out approximately what time they would be coming.

Her response, did you buy the hose yet, so we can install it? To which Mark replies no and when are you going to fix the rack? She replies, "Clothesline must ask outside man to change. we don't know who can call and the toilet must waiting my cowork back. We can't repair if you can't buy pipe."

At this point Mark no longer has any patience and calls the women, to ask what the issue is? It comes down to the fact they can't find anyone to fix our clothes line, they want us to buy the tubing for the sink where upon they will fix it, and they are attempting to locate the guy that fixed the toilet the first time. Okay, this is the guy that cracked our toilet the first time he tried to fix it.

Glad we didn't tip her....

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