Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back from Malaysia...

We made it back from our short trip to Malaysia last night, and yes we were thoroughly exhausted from hanging out with our adopted family followed by sightseeing in Maleka.

When we walked in last night the girl downstairs talked to us about the repair issues that we still need to be completed, and Tina was able to understand that someone would come up today. So today Tina had the fun of dealing with maintenance workers as they looked at the damaged clothes hanger and our toilet. They decided once again that we needed a new clothes hanger and then they took apart our toilet for repairs. "Can't be fixed" was their analysis and off they went with the insides of our toilet.

So when I arrived home Tina asked me to call and see if maybe I could convince them to bring back the inner workings of our toilet so that we could use it tonight if we needed. Calling the girl and her answer was a simple "Use a bucket, we will be back sometime tomorrow afternoon." Ah, yes - how simple.

Eventually I convinced her to call and get it returned tonight, and apparently the guy decided that he didn't need the parts to purchase a new one and within 15 minutes they were at our door to return our toilet to the somewhat-working condition that it has been in for the last 3 months. Except that it looks like someone decided that they could fix that he took and now the seal won't drop after flushing unless you take the whole thing out of the toilet and manually pull it down.

Such fun, we will have to see what tomorrow brings...

As for Malaysia - we have well over 3,000 photos and lots to tell. We will start posting those stories tomorrow once we get a little better organized from that trip.

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