Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Malacca - Day 2

After a fitful sleep, we met up with our tour guides, Alex and Dr. Lim, where we continued exploring Malacca. The first stop was the town square painted all red. The church had a very distinctive Dutch feel, and was built back in 1789 while the clock tower and the fountain made the square quite precious.

Town Square Malacca

Then it was a matter of climbing a hill to get to the top of yet another church, St. Paul's, that was built back in the 1500's. The view is quite lovely, though they should really consider selling water once you reach the top. As you descend you see a small cemetery, and then the fort. We took a quick, and I mean quick tour of the fort, as there isn't much left of it.

St. Paul's church

The fort or what was left of it..

At this point our fearless guide decided we or he needed air conditioning so we went to the museum that was located next to the fort where they show us their history of their prison that's located in K.L, no longer in use, and some history of Islam and Malaysia. I managed to get a quick picture of it, while we were on the monorail heading into K.L central.

By this point we were ready for lunch. We went to a local place that served famous chicken balls that Alex insisted we have before leaving Malacca. They were quite yummy. The food in Malacca is exceptionally tasty. It also helps when have friends who know what to order.

No, Alex wasn't drinking both bottles, simply moving them so Mark could take a photo of our lunch.

At this point, it was close to 2pm and time to head back to K.L. We had pretty much covered most, if not all of Malacca in a 24 hour period, thanks to Dr. Lim and Alex. They were kind enough to drive us back to our hotel which was located near the airport. Alex and Dr. Lim returned back to Ipoh, and Mark and I ventured into K.L central to enjoy the remaining few hours in Malaysia.

Petronas Towers
View of the K.L tower

It was a great weekend, and again our hosts as always were extremely generous and kind with their hospitality. No wonder we keep going back.

As for our flight home, we were greeted by the by health authorities, who wanted to ensure that we didn't have the H1N1 virus. It was a first for us, so naturally Mark had to take a picture, before being told to put his camera away.

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