Thursday, August 27, 2009

Goodbye Chicago, Hello Taiwan

One of our first guests that came to visit us here in China, was my friend Emily. She loved it so much she came three times so far, always enjoying herself here in the middle kingdom. Her first visit, we took her to the usual places including the Xiamen university where I was studying Chinese. Emily had the opportunity to sit with me in some classes and I think that may have put her on the journey she is about to embark.

Emily wanted to get her MBA and originally planned on doing this in her home town of Chicago, over the next couple of years, when she realized that she wanted something unique and different from her life, so she applied to a couple of universities in Taiwan.

Well, all the long and hard work of researching where she wanted to get her degree paid off. Miss Emily will be leaving her job, friends, family to begin what will be the adventure of her lifetime so far, we're expecting there will be more. Friday she leaves the U.S to begin her journey in Taiwan,learning mandarin, and then buckling down to her degree.

It takes a lot of courage to quit your job, (and one you truly enjoy) and to leave your family/friends behind to move across the world in a country where English isn't the first language. Emily will see how strong she really is navigating her way over the next few years, the sense of accomplishment she will have when she can speak Chinese, the adventures of exploring her island that will become her home over the next three years, new friends to share a beer or two with, share their stories about their homeland, helping her with her studies, and be there when she has that moment of loneliness. These friends, will more than likely be with her throughout her life.

Sometimes it's tough leaving the world as you know it, but this will be a time in Emily's life that she will always cherish.

We wish you the best of luck in Taiwan my friend.



Emily said...

Thank you for the lovely post Tina, and for all you and Mark have done for me!!!! You both have had such an impact... I'm certain I would not be on this path if it weren’t for the two of you. You are also right that the day I went to Chinese classes with you, walked around your campus, saw your student life-style over there... I knew I wanted that for myself. I can't wait to host you guys in my new home! XOXO

Mark's Mom said...

Emily, Good luck with your adventure, for that is what it will be. Maybe you can have a blog so we can follow you as you adjust to your new life, learn, and grow. What an amazing way to further your education.

Mark said...

Emily has started blogging her adventures, we linked it under Tina's favourites... We're expecting her posts to surpass the excellence she did as a guest blogger in Xiamen.

Tina said...


We are so proud of you, taking that leap, many would not even consider. We are here for you, anytime. We are a phone call away and will see you in December before heading back to the U. S.

One never knows where life will take you, and perhaps one day we may end up back here again. We will truly miss Xiamen and China.

Mark's Mom said...

Thanks for the info, I will check out her blog.
I also follow Heather's blog. I actually knew what you were talking about when you told her she didn't know how to eat fruit!