Saturday, August 15, 2009

Japanese Dinner...

Last night we went over to a Japanese restaurant that we had talked about going to for almost 2 years. It's more towards the middle of the island and we had passed it during one of our long walks the first summer that we moved here and we had said "That looks nice we should try it sometime..."

Forward to a few weeks ago and we were sitting at Temptations talking with Lugas and Shelly and, since Shelly had spent many years living in Japan, we asked if there were any good Japanese restaurants around Xiamen for sushi. We knew of one over by the Marco Polo that has an all you can eat with 2 small carafes of saki for 100 kaui, but thought that there had to be others. Lugas recommended the one that we had seen all those months ago and forgotten about, and he mentioned that not only did they have any all-you-eat menu theirs also included all you can drink saki.

Can't say no to free flow saki can you? So we went over there last night to give it a try, and after some initial confusion and a call to Lugas for translation to the waitress, we were enjoying some nice rolls, sashimi, and warm saki. We managed to stuff ourselves pretty full of good fresh fish and a few carafes of saki, it was a nice night out. Overall the food selection wasn't as good as the smaller place that we normally go, and at 258 a person it's a little too pricey for us. For some reason they must have felt that we didn't drink enough and we were only charged 214 each. Yeah, we'll never head back over there again.

From there we wandered over to the Sky bar, the oldest bar in Xiamen, and the music there was good to listen to and the crowd really started to fill in shortly after 21:00. We stayed there for a while and then decided that we should head home and spend some time enjoying our balcony...

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