Monday, August 24, 2009

Quick holiday in Henan

Alright, we’ve made it back from a nice 3-day trip up to the Henan Province. We braved through some tough weather, tourist restaurants, and a bit more hiking then we planned but overall the trip was excellent. This trip we only managed to take about 1,300 photos, and the weather conditions made sure that most of those were washed out. Don’t worry, we’ll share only the best of what we took with you….

Last Thursday afternoon we headed out to the airport in Xiamen only to find ourselves with a delayed flight. Hours passed by and the only information was “Delayed” and then finally notice of a gate change, we moved to the new gate with the rest of the passengers and found a new seat amongst the crowds. Several of the people that had been sitting near us remained standing right near the gate which we thought odd since the signboard showed another flight leaving from that same gate prior to the one we were on. A few minutes later an announcement came over the PA “For the flight to Zhengzhou please bring you ticket up to the service counter to pick up your meal.” Great, when they serve you the food in the airport you know it’s going to be a long delay – we’ve had this happen to us on a few other flights. Figuring that we will wait out the crowd before going up to get our meal box of instant noodles we notice that the gate is starting to let people board and the some of the group that had been with us had boarded the plane. We went up and asked and sure enough it was the flight to Zhengzhou that they were boarding – no announcement, and no update to the signboard.

A quick 2 hour flight later and we arrived at our destination, the flight came in the same time as a flight from Thailand and as we were leaving we found ourselves in the midst of some professional kungfu guys that had just flown in and they attracted a huge crowd of photographers and the like. We quickly found our guide and ducked out of their group, from there it was only a hour ride into town where we finally collapsed into bed.

The fun of the trip starts tomorrow…


heather said...

So, did you get your meal of instant noodles?

Mark said...

Yeah, we were worried that the announcements were running behind and that we had missed our dinner, but once we had taken off they feed us a nice chicken & rice dinner and all was right in the world again.