Friday, September 18, 2009

Quick Interruption of our Xinjiang trip stories...

Right after we returned from our trip we found this new article posted on What's On Xiamen -
Xiamen water supply disruption (18th - 22nd Sep. 2009) - which is nice enough to state the following:
Xiamen will restrict its urban water supply in Siming District and Huli District, from 23:00pm, Sept. 18th to 23:00pm Sept. 22nd, as a result of the moving and reconnecting of some main water supply pipelines in the city, according to a circular issued by Xiamen Municipal government last Wednesday.

Ah, that's nice to know. No water for 4 days, although our building tells us that we will have one hour of water every evening from 18:00-19:00, we will have to see how that works.

Apparently there were a lot of questions so yesterday they posted this article - Why the water supply disruption will last 4 days - Xiamen Water Corp.

Should be a fun weekend and start of next week.

** update - Our water was off at 21:40. Maybe we picked a bad night to stay in, instead of going out and using the bathrooms at a local drinking hole....

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