Thursday, September 24, 2009

Xinjiang Wrapup....

So, we hope you all enjoyed reading about our short trip over to the crazy Uyghur occupied world of North-Western China and the Xinjiang Province. Overall this is easily our best trip ever within China, and we are trying to figure out where it goes in our overall list of top trips. That's top trips since we've known each other since earlier Tina already had the pyramids of Egypt and I had trips to Saint Denis. It doesn't quite top Easter Island, but it's edging in on Mongolia and Argentina....

So, we would recommend this trip to anyone, as the tour we took just got better and better with every day. Maybe we were lucky with the weather, but it seems like out in this section of China you don't have the smog and pollution issues that plague the east coast.

What we will do is list our guides and suggest that you contact them - we can't say enough about them and how they would quickly adjust tour plans based on what we wanted to see...

Urumqi, Turpan - Mohemmed Ali
Mobile - (+86) 13999920477
Skype - Burket1129
Email - Burkut1129, md_burkut, or burkut1129
He told us not to post his photo since it would only act to break the hearts of hundreds of European women - we respect his wishes.

Kashgar - Hasan Osman
Mobile - (+86) 9982846633
Fax - (+86) 9982843322
Email - Kashgartour or Kashgartour
Website -

Right now, as of 09.23.2009, the internet is still blocked in the Xinjiang province so we would recommend just calling them to make plans....

When we get to it we will load copies of their business cards up to Flickr, but right now I'm guessing that's a month away.

Get there soon.

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