Friday, October 16, 2009

Guest Blogger - Holly

Today is Saturday 17 October 2009. We've enlightened Tina and Mark to the world of not just one but two children! Skylar 3.5 and Blayden 8 months have stormed their house (which, by the way, is amazing). Skylar has been counting down the days till we go to China since Early September. Imagine six weeks of marking days off the calendar, we're finally here and it was worth it.We had a fantastic afternoon yesterday and evening meal. We also got a few DVDs and fun things to add to our visit. Dinner was at an amazing local place where they where they took blayden from our hands and ran him around the local Hood. he returned unharmed 20 min later with a lollpop. apparently he got fussy-- 8 months old and pure sugar, whatever works when in china as the saying goes....Bedtime went well but then 5:30 am (body time for skylar 6:30am Tokyo time) came way early and well let's just say keeping the kids quite for 2 hours proved impossible. We got showered, dressed and then the DRAMA hit. The 3.5 year old says "where's my RING??" (her costume jewelry ring from the dentist). HUM...think it got left behind at dinner which was the best meal EVER. Clearly now the worst meal ever to Skylar who threw herself on the floor for 5 minutes crying over the ring. we'll try to retrieve it today but who knows. Day 2 here we come :)

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