Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back to the Londoner

Last week whilst Tina was running errands she ran into her friend Amy who made sure to let us know that Saturday night The Londoner pub was putting together a barbecue. That's good to know, as it would have been awful if we hadn't any plans for a weekend night. We spent our Saturday sleeping in late and then running around getting some small things completed before finding ourselves seated over at the Coyote with some nice margarita's in front of us.

At the Coyote our friends Anthony and Sarah wandered in and we let them know we were heading out for the burgers just round the corner at The Londoner. They showed up over there about 20 minutes after we did.
It's been a long time since we've been to this pub, and we've forgotten what fun it can be. Good pints of Guinness, wine, and a fairly large group of other laowais that we don't know since we seem to run in separate pub circles. Seriously, we met another couple that has been living in Xiamen for 8 years and this is the first time we ever met them.
The grilled burgers were outstanding, and our group managed to drink the pub out of its stock of white wine. No problem we figure and place a quick call into Temptations asking them to deliver us 2 bottles of the standard white that Tina normally buys.

Sounds easy, but this being China it never works out perfectly and the girl shows up with two warm bottles of slightly more expensive wine. Tina quickly jumps in a cab with her back to Temptations to verify that she gets cold bottles of what she is looking for and then returns to the impromptu pool games that we've started.
Yeah, good fun - and a reminder that we need to get out to some of the other bars and pubs that Xiamen has to offer in the short time that we still have here...

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Laura and fam said...

We're always up for a good pub visit, so call us if you need some company!