Monday, November 9, 2009

Coyote's First Anniversary Party

A few weeks back, our favourite Mexican restaurant had their first anniversary party here in Xiamen.

By the time Mark and I arrived, which was around 6:30pm the place was packed, so Mark and I stood by the bar where we met some of our friends. This place is very popular with the expats missing their burrito fixes, or more than likely their margaritas. Yea, it's probably the latter.

There were food and drink specials, baseball caps given to all of us, as well as games where one could win prizes. The highlight was the 1/2 price jugs of margaritas.

I was the the first lucky winner of the evening. I won a very lovely pair of sunglasses, (which I donated due to the fact that I can't see without prescription lenses), an adorable pencil case, and a cactus pen. Yea, I know you're all jealous!

Sunglasses that were donated to AmyTone with her prize
Tony enjoying the evening Ron, the owner of Coyote, enjoying the prizes he gave away

Towards the end of the evening, a regular decided that he was going to pay for every one's bar bill up to that point that he made the announcement, and yes he was sober.

All in all a great night, and we wish Coyote many years of success in Xiamen.


Laura and fam said...

Yes, actually, I am jealous because I did not get notification of this party (and it's within stumbling distance of my apartment). boo hoo

Mark said...

It is too bad, as you probably also could have won a pair of bad sunglasses...

Next time you are in there give your e-mail address to Ron or Tiffany, they send out updates on a very regular basis of all the specials they are running.