Friday, December 18, 2009

More fun...

Last night was nice in that we didn't have any plans where we needed to see people, so we enjoyed a relaxing dinner at Orange before heading back to our place. That's where the fun really is anyway, since now we need to figure out how to fit what we are bringing back with us into the luggage that we have.
It looked like we set aside a very small amount when we were watching the movers pack everything else up, but not that we are trying to fit it into our luggage it suddenly seems like way too much. Several of the items that we are carrying back are gifts that we will be giving long before our other shipment arrives, such as the small panda in the photo (nobody tell Hannah).

Another thing we kept were some suits that we had made, and Tina felt that I needed to show the jacket to this one off...
It's not really clear in the photo, but it's got a red flame lining in it. We got this idea from another blogger that we are always reading - Shanghai's Woai - and his fashion tips seem pretty reliable. It looks good, and for 600 kaui (about 90 USD) we can't complain. I also had a tie made from the extra lining material that they had.

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