Monday, December 14, 2009

A night at a charity event.

Now that we are in our final weeks in China our sister Siew Yih invited us to a wine tasting / charity event. They were working to raise money for an orphanage, so we dressed up all nice and headed over to hang out with Yih and Allen and support a good cause.

Yih and I at the start of the night.

They had a sampling of wines from the Hope Estate in Australia, and one of their wine makers came up to explain how their wines are made and what to pair with which kinds of food. The followed this presentation with some dancers.
Then a quick raffle of items - wines and a wine fridge, and back to the dancers.
After that the organized a auction of more wines. Overall they ended up getting about 30,000 RMB (4,400 USD), and one of the guys that bid on a magnum bottle of a nice wine just popped it open and shared it with most of the guests. It was a good time.
Nice, Sara, and Tina enjoying the evening.
A photo of Sara, myself, and Nice.

After that fun, Tina and I decided that we needed to head over to the Oriental Pub, since it was one of the places we used to go when we first moved here and there is not a lot of time remaining for us to visit all of the places we still want to see.

Well, that sounded good but when we got out of the taxi we ran into some of Tina's friends that we hadn't seen since the night before at JJ's heading over to the Londoner Pub. We ended up at the Londoner...

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