Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Returning to Chicago.

After celebrating the New Year in Hanoi we were up bright and early on the first for a flight to Hong Kong. We had one night to spend in Hong Kong, so we slowly meandered around the city, stopping at little markets and the like, but with nothing planned or that we felt we needed to see. For dinner we wandered over to the Soho area and were actually a little surprised by how many bars and restaurants were over there - for some reason this isn't somewhere we had made it to on our other trips here... January second was another early flight, this time first to Tokyo and then finally to Chicago. We had a nice view of Mount Fuji as we flew into Japan, and once there Skip and Holly drove out to the airport to visit with us during our 5 hour layover.

Mount Fuji from our Hong Kong - Tokyo flight
Skylar, Holly, Blayden, and Skip
The cold of Chicago
And that's it, we've been back for two weeks now and we seem to be adjusting fine. We've got a few items left that we know we want to post about, but I can't promise that we will be quick about getting to them...

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