Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Vietnam trip.

Now that we are starting to get settled in here we have some time to catch up and tell stories about our final trip before we moved back to Chicago.

After spending several fun hours in the Hong Kong airport we finally were able to take off to Hanoi. Because of the time crunch at the end of the year we had gone online and singed up to be able to get our visas once we landed in Vietnam, this added to some confusion for me. Apparently, I tend to get confused in airports, but in the hustle of people all mobbing the visa line when I moved forward too get the application forms, and as I lifted my bag to get through the crowd, I turned and squarely knocked Tina in the nose with my elbow.

We get the paperwork filled out and while waiting at the end of the counter to pay, as Tina gently holds her nose and worries aloud if the know will end up leaving her with a nice bruise, we notice that the table we are standing on is wet under Tina's purse. She had tossed two of those small orange juice containers that you get on the plane into her purse - you know, in case we were thirsty that night - and one of them had managed to break open and empty itself into her purse.

The bag is emptied and everything is cleaned and dried off, the only loss is a small electronic Tetris game, and we are finally off into Vietnam. Not always the best way to start off a vacation.

We had a hotel for one night, as the next night we were taking the overnight train up to Sapa. The first night we just wandered around a little bit and stopped to have dinner at a small streetside Phở stand.

We were tired, this is the best photo we have.

The next day we just wandered around and relaxed - we were coming back for 2 full days after Sapa, so we didn't need to rush to see anything.
We had some bad Vietnamese coffee, some good French bread, some more great Phở, and then I stopped to get a haircut (one of the things that we didn't manage to get to do in China).The haircut cost more then China (0.30 USD more) but came with a shave.
That evening we took a quick taxi to the train station and boarded the luxury train for the overnight trip that was taking us to Sapa.

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