Thursday, May 19, 2011

San Francisco Trip - Part 2

This one shouldn't be as long as yesterday's post, but I will load it up with more photos then the last one....

Saturday morning we were up early and met up with Alex and Dr. Lim for breakfast, and then off to Napa Valley for a day of wine tasting. The day before I had dropped the three of them off from the rental car at the hotel and headed out to gas up the car, but what they didn't know is that I had returned the rental and Tina had rented a limo to drive us around for the day. When they came back down after breakfast and we were standing outside by the limo their look of confusion and surprise was better then we could have hoped for.
We left earlier then originally planned so that we could first swing by the Golden Gate bridge and get some photos, since they weren't sure when they would get a chance in the final two days of their trip.
Once done with that we headed up to the wonderful wineries of Napa Valley, stopping first at Robert Craig to start the day with a tasting.
From there a quick stop at a supermarket so that we could pick up food for a picnic which we enjoyed with a bottle from the Clos Du Val winery.
After lunch we went over to Rubicon Estate, the Niebaum-Coppola winery for a tasting and a tour of the Chateau, some of the property, the wine caves, and the history of how Coppola found himself in the wine business.
That's a long day of enjoying a limo, good picnic food, and some outstanding wines...
So we headed back via the Bay Bridge with a stop to get some nice photos of San Francisco, finally returning to the hotel after a quick stop at the top of Lombard Street.
A few minutes to get freshened up in the hotel and we were off to dinner at Spruce. Spruce had come recommended, and with quite a wait list for reservations, and it did not disappoint. Easily one of the best meals that Tina and I have had in years, and we had the impression that our guests enjoyed it too...

And then that was it, our quick two day trip was over. We got up early the next morning so that we could catch a flight back to Chicago, and Alex and Dr. Lim had a final day, which they finally managed to get some shopping done, before heading back to Malaysia.

They came down in the morning to see us off, and presented us with a travel lunchbox of morning snacks and coffee that we had the fun of figuring out how to finish during a 10 minute ride to the airport.

It was a perfect weekend, and really great to see them again, and as a final bonus they did promise that one of their next international trips they would make it all they way over to Chicago to visit us...

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