Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Final Day

Wow..Its been quite the whirlwind over the past 6 weeks, sometimes frustrating, sometimes overwhelming, mostly excitement. We just returned from the East Coast where we caught up with family and friends. It was wonderful to see everyone again, and the highlight was the clam bake that Mark's mom orchestrated.

We had to finalize the packing as the movers were coming by 8 am. The decision was, what to take immediately and what can wait approx 3-4 weeks. Alas, the wine would have to be shipped, and no Emily, sorry to disappoint you, but there were no boxes of wine, only bottles.

We are hoping that once the movers come and claim our belongings , we should be able to breathe a sigh of relief. I'll keep you posted on that one. The rest of the day will be finalizing any outstanding items, and dinner with close friends. If we have time perhaps one last Cubs game.

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Lisa Wilson said...

Looks like from the photos that you had a great time in Boston!! Maybe the folks going to NBTA should try the Jim Plunkett cruise!! Hopefully you made it to one more Cubs game before you left since they killed SFO this afternoon! Have a safe flight and keep the blog updated so we know you made it okay. We really miss you hear at work. Pope says everyday how quiet it is without you!