Saturday, July 21, 2007

Farewell Dinner

Well so much for thinking that the Cubs game would be a viable option. We hit the ground running at 6:30am and finally had time to relax around 1730. It's the little things that one doesn't of that end up taking most of your time such as banking (yea, you actually need money when you move) mail, movers, take the cable box back etc etc.

Heather and Mike met us for some champagne before we headed out to the final farewell at Sushi Mura. It's one of our favorite local places, and the sushi is very fresh plus, the fact that we can bring our own wine without paying corkage fees also helps and it's two blocks from our condo. We closed the place down, which which should tell you what the our night was like. But to give you a detail or two we went out to Que Syrah to pick up wine to have with us in China, and we ended up drinking it at dinner. We probably, no we actually drank more than we ate so if anyone who was at dinner forgot what happened that night we have pictures to remind you. Mark and I want to thank everyone for joining us in our last dinner in Chicago.

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Heather said...

So, can you actually see these comments in China if you can't view the blog? Yes, the dinner was a blast, but if you felt anything like Michael and I did the next day... I actually uttered the "I'm never drinking again" line. Of course, by Friday, I proved myself to be a liar yet again. Well, at least you were on a plane to sleep that one off... Have fun guys!