Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fun in China

Tina wasn't able to add the photo because I hadn't downloaded all of them yet, and she was in a hurry to post something. In her posting we learned something interesting, we can log onto, and we can create and view our posts, but we can not view the blog itself. It appears to be blocked for those here in China, which explains our low visit count.

Ok, so we flew into Xiamen today at 1400 and settled into our hotel. Rocky, one of the guys I will be working with picked us up and explained that they have some apartments for us to look at on Monday so it seems that everything is moving along smoothly. We did dinner with Rocky and another guy and they also helped Tina learn to say "woo tian boo dong" with the proper accent. Now she's happy that she can say "I don't understand what you're saying."

Rocky also found the the pronunciation guide in our handy translation book was incorrect and took it upon himself to write the proper spelling in for us.

Tomorrow we will take a tour of the city and start to get some feeling as to what area we would like to live.

It's hot and muggy, as I think we knew but still more then we expected. Today the high was 98 (37) and right now at 2230 it's still 87 (31). Humidity is at a mild 70 percent.

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TrudyDrewiske said...

Glad you got there!