Monday, July 30, 2007

Language Classes 101

It's been over a week since we have arrived here in Xiamen, China and we are happy to report we now have enough words to be able to eat in a restaurant. Yesterday's culinary treat was a family style Chinese restaurant where we were able to pick our food. Many restaurants in Xiamen, allow you to meet your food before having them for dinner. Word to this wise, don't start giving them pet names, or it will be hard for you to digest them.

We were enthusiastic to share our wealth of knowledge in speaking Mandarin, which was quite limited and Mark's colleagues were more than happy to oblige in teaching us more Mandarin. We can now order rice both white and fried, shrimp, fish, duck, chicken, meat (not sure what kind of meat), beer, ask for the toilet, dinner was good, and request the bill. What we can't do, it appears is find an apartment that we want.

On another note, I am looking into classes at Xiamen University. John, this is the Yale of China. How cool will that be to have that on a resume? Education - Xiamen University, China.
Will keep you posted.

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John C. George said...

Hi, Tina. Just now looking at your postings.

Good luck with the classes! It indeed will look good on the resume...

Take care and good luck with the house search.