Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Quest continues.....

The quest for finding a new home is still ongoing. Sunday we had the opportunity to see one of the nicest places yet, and no the picture isn't the condo we were looking at. Kevin, one of the managers here at the Crown Plaza had purchased a condo last year and is looking into renting it. Since his marriage, he has been living with the in-laws. The idea was to rent the condo to "foreigners" since according to Kevin we are neater and a cleaner group of people. I've seen some apartments back home and I wouldn't necessarily agree with that statement. My guess is that he believes he will get more from foreigners than he would from the Chinese.

I digress, okay, so the condo had quite the security system, Bose speakers, flat screen TV, all new and updated furniture, two balconies, three bedrooms. Each room had all their wedding pictures bolted, and I mean bolted to the walls, which means we were stuck with this couple staring at us in every room. So, what's the issue besides the pictures you ask? Well, if you recall from our earlier entry in our blog, we were originally quoted one price, which was to include all utilities and you can guess pretty much what happened after that. Yup, utilities were not included, nor the management fee. We had asked if there was room to negotiate, but Kevin didn't want to go lower than the original quote. Oh well, did we really want to look at this couple every waking moment? So, the hunt for the elusive home is still on.
Look at it this way, it could be a lot worse, as you can see from the picture, many people have it much worse, and this is one of the better apartments that we've seen since moving here.
P.S. For all of you who have been IM'g me, thank you and its great to hear from you and keep me abreast of what's happening back home. It's very much appreciated.

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