Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Continued work on my stupidity....

When we took our tour of Xiamen on Saturday I casually mentioned how I had deleted all of our cable channels and our guide offered to help us out. Today she sent me the following e-mail:

For the cable TV, you can call 968810 and follow the instruction given to reset the channels. But it might only be answered in Chinese. Or you can try the following steps but I don't know whether or not it is really workable.

1) Press "menu" button of remote control
2) "Screen system setting" - press "confirm"
3) "System parameter" - press "confirm"
4) Key in password (1234 ?) - press "confirm"
5) "Channel searching" - select and press "confirm"

Yes, I would have been able to do that had the menu been in English. But then I wouldn’t have gotten into this mess either.

OK, so I go to the babelfish translator and type in just the buttons to get the following:
1) 菜单
2) 屏幕系统设置- 证实
3) 系统参量- 证实
4) 证实
5) 渠道搜寻- 证实

Easy right? I then have to transfer this into a notepad to take to the television, and then I start to try and undo all that I’ve done….

Actually not too bad, the first two are easy to find. The third step doesn’t exist as translated, maybe different wording. A few guesses and we are on our way, the television starts reprogramming.

So, now we have cable back and we can happily watch our one channel of Chinese controlled English news.

And, I’ve been banned from touching the remote…

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Doug Fischer said...

Ok, so you are a true can't make it correct until you have first figured out how to mess it up!