Monday, August 13, 2007

Seriously...I need to find work

Today my new friend thought it would be nice to meet another lady friend from Australia who happens to be a lovely lady and has been living in Xiamen since January. I have come to find out that she is the president of the expat association. This group consists of women who are living here and socialize periodically during the course of the month, be it luncheons, movie night, or excursions around the area. The monthly luncheon is scheduled for September and today the intial plans were taking place to decide the menu, and dates. Much to my surprise I was somehow conscripted into a committee for this group which assists in finding gifts, planning events and whatever is required for the various events. Seriously, do I look like the luncheon ladies crowd to any of you?

I cannot even imagine what retirement would be like. This after three weeks.


Lisa Thompson said...

I think it's WAY too soon to decide... Perhaps you should give this "Ladies Who Lunch" thing a try before you make a hasty decision like going back to work!

Much love from your former Orbitz "cube mate" -

lisa wilson said...

I'm with Lisa Thompson! Give it a try you might like it. I know most of us here would like to give it a try and let you do our work!!!