Monday, August 13, 2007

Work fun

Ok, so Tina needs a job. Understandable, as apparently I'll be gone for some 20 hours a day.

Today was my fist day taking the shuttle bus into work, as opposed to having Rocky or another driver pick me up and bring me back. The shuttle picks me up a short 5 minute walk from out place, but it picks me up at 06:45. That means I need to be waiting there at that time, which has one leaving around 06:30 in the morning. That's early...

The shuttle stops and picks me up right at 06:45, and I'm the first one to climb on. That's good, a few more stops with people, let's time how long this takes. I think there were eight more stops picking up company workers, we arrived at about 07:50. About an hour, not too bad considering it takes around 30 minutes when it's a direct trip.

So the shuttle to bring you home is nice in that you've got options as to which one to take, kind of like the normal and late bus in high school. The early one leaves at 17:45, the late one at 19:20. I'm almost always going to be on the early one.

I'm thinking that I'm good, first one on this morning, first one off tonight... I should know better, as they run the route in reverse. Last one on is now first one off, how nice for those people. It makes for a long ride, especially after a hot day working in the plant. Let me just say that the smells on the ride home are a little overwhelming. Not a fun trip home....

I managed to get back to the apartment at 19:15, not quite 20 hours but still it makes for a long day...

I agree, Tina needs to get a job. I'd miss me too.

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