Wednesday, August 22, 2007

These boots were made for walking...

We all remember Full Metal Jacket, right? That opening scene in the second half when they are finally in Vietnam and we see that one girl walk up to the soldiers with the sultry ass wiggling walk while Nancy Sinatra plays in the background?

Well that scene, or that song seems to play in my head once a day, at least when we are walking around the city.

The way a large portion of the women in this town are dressed is nothing but a copy of that scene, the short shorts, usually a small top, and high heels. I don't know the exact cause of it, but they also all have that little swagger to them, I'm thinking that it's a mix of the heels and the rough uneven sidewalks.

So that seems to be the style here, and I guess that I understand it as it is hot and humid here so shorts and a light top make sense. It just seems that they go a little overboard when dressing for the weather. That and the style does seem to favor a lot of sparkly clothes or accessories...

This picture is of one of the waitresses at a local bar we were at a few weeks ago. She's dressed fairly conservatively, but we decided to try and get a picture of her in the background while we were taking picture of ourselves in the bar having drinks.

She wouldn't have any part of that, no she decided that she wanted us to take some pictures of her and she would pose for a picture, tell us it wasn't any good and then pose again. She's really a sweet, friendly girl and we enjoyed talking to her and having her help to teach us more Chinese.

It's still just that every time I see this look it cues the music up, "You keep saying you've got something for me.....'

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