Thursday, August 23, 2007

Universe works in mysterious ways

At dinner yesterday evening, Mark and I were discussing our next weekend jaunt to Hong Kong. The usual conversations ensues, where do you want to stay? how many days would we require as have to apply for visas again? what did you want to see? and when did we want to go? We originally wanted to leave around the 3rd week of September, but with my semester starting on the 18th we needed to be back by the 18th, so we figure we would go the weekend before. That's settled, or is it?

During the meal, Mark says, maybe I should look at my visa, I think it expires the end of September but just to be sure. Wouldn't it be funny if it was the beginning of Sept? Yea a lot of laughs, honey. Well I go and take a look today, and guess what? The visa expires Sept. 7th.

Apparently we are going to Hong Kong in the next couple of weeks.

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