Friday, August 24, 2007

Waiting in limbo

A crazy, rushed limbo, but we are waiting in this middle ground nonetheless. By that I mean that although we are residing in Xiamen, we aren't yet really living here.

We still don't have any of our belongings, which is our pictures, books, DVDs, pots and pans, the rest of our clothes, sheet, towels, and that case of wine that we miss more every day. Based on the last discussion that I had with the movers this week it is looking like we should have our stuff in another 2-3 weeks.

With our initial visas we had to leave China every thirty days, which is why we were in Singapore last weekend. When we go to Hong Kong in two weeks to get new visas, hopefully they will issue ones that allow us to stay in China for 60 days at a time as opposed to only 30 days.

Because our shipment is not here, we need to eat out for almost every meal. That isn't a great as it sounds; the earliest I'm home is 19:00 so we don't usually go out to eat until 20:00, by the time we are done it's 21:30 so straight home to bed since I need to get up at 06:00 the next day. I know, I'm shell of my former self, but before I relied on sleeping past noon on the weekends to recover.

More of it is just that I need some down time, considering that we spent our first two weekends running around looking for an apartment, and then a weekend running around shopping for items we need and don't have and for items we have but can't wait another month for them to arrive, followed by last weekend when we were out of town. So, I haven't had that basic let's just spend a day doing nothing and relax moment and you don't realize how much you appreciate that.

Tina has the opposite problem, in that right now she has too much do nothing but relax time, and you all know that's not something she can take in excess.

I'm thinking that by the end of next month we will really start to settle into a routine and then we can relax and take a look back at everything we've gone through in the last two months. We should have our belongings, Tina will be getting into a regular schedule again by going to classes, and we won't have to be worried about where we are going to go in three weeks. The nights won't seem so rushed, the weekends will be a little less hectic, and we will start to enjoy Xiamen and everything it has to offer.

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