Saturday, September 1, 2007

An enjoyable Friday night...

Ah, a nice Friday night that we can kind of relax, no big plans for tomorrow other then heading over to the electronics mall and then to the Metro for a toaster oven....

I arrive home shortly after seven and Tina had just opened up a nice Argentinian wine. We snack and finish the wine and then shortly after eight head out for dinner.

You'll notice in the picture that the bus doesn't have his lights on, this appears to be standard practice. Occasionally you will see buses with their parking lights on and very few that actually drive with their lights on. It just adds to the daily fun that is crossing a street, after dark it gets just a little bit more adventurous.

Went to dinner at 面, which is short for noodle. Excellent and inexpensive, in the six weeks that we have been here we figure that we've eaten at 30+ restaurants and this is the first one we've eaten at twice. It's that good, for two of us it cost 34元 and neither of us finished all our noodles.

From there we went over to a small bar, 梦田, that we discovered by accident, just a little beer sign and a door. Yes, let's try that. We went in last week but it was early and it was empty. Last night, by the time we went in, the lower level was full.

So we ended up with a table right at the front of the upstairs. We enjoyed a few drinks and enjoyed some jazz music. The night clubs are slightly more expensive, each beer cost 25元, but we figure since that equates roughly to $3.30 and there's no cover that it's worth it.
It was nice just to relax a little and enjoy a nice night, and as an added bonus the workers in the apartment above us didn't start working in the bedroom until almost ten so we got to sleep in....

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