Sunday, September 2, 2007

Chinese nachos?

Saturday we managed to wander over to the Metro and purchase a toaster oven, and we also spent a while perusing their imported foods section. We bought everything that we needed to break in our new kitchen equipment by cooking up a plate of nachos. Yeah, nachos.

We learnt last night that our kitchen is even smaller then it looks, as it was incredibly cramped trying to grate cheese and chop up the onions and tomatoes. We bought a jar of sliced jalapenos and other then the black beans we had everything we needed. The Mexican brought beans back from the states for us, so next time they will be complete.

Our first meal at home in our Chinese apartment, nachos and wine. Does it get any better?


Anonymous said...

The Nacho's look good! - Trudy

drunk caller said...

1. What is the tv remote doing near Mark!!?
2. Those couches... lol. I'm still laughing. Too funny.
3. What's the deal with the green and blue thing on the table? Whatever it is, it matches your couch.