Monday, September 24, 2007

The fun of learning

Today, we are allowed to start sitting in on our extra curricular classes. We can take up to 4 additional classes if we so choose without any further costs. We have until the 12th of October to decide if and what classes would would like to take, so a few of us decide to check this out. The list is posted as to the times, places and what we are eligible for, since some of the classes are more advanced than others. As we look at the first list, it's all in Chinese, okay, that isn't going to help us, so we start looking around for the English postings, but there wasn't any. I asked the administrators and she says, "no, everything is in Chinese, no English". Okay, I get the part that we have to learn the language, but come on, give us poor newbies a break will ya? We haven't even mastered the alphabet in pinyin, let alone try to figure out the characters. We hunted down some people who were in the advanced classes to help translate , but they were struggling as well. Then a gal, who was Chinesse decent came over to attempt to help us, but she barely spoke English. Mmm, maybe we should reconsider this, since we have a hard enough time as it is in our mandatory classes.

We keep saying, baby steps, little baby steps.

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