Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This admin is on holidays!

Yesterday, was Mid-Autumn Moon Festival her in China, which is a very popular holiday. It occurs on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. Because the moon is round, it symbolizes family, so, this is the time of year for family reunions. Moon cakes are the item of choice to purchase during this time, which is similar to the fruit cake in consistency, not in taste. They are generally made of Lotus seeds, preservered egg yolk, ice cream or meat.

Mark and I were invited for dinner to enjoy this holiday with some of the co-workers. There were about 10 of us that went to a BBQ, similiar to the Brazilian steak houses back home. It was quite tasty, and the restaurant we think may be owned by a German, where they made their own beer on the premises which by the way was delicious. Max, one of the guests was telling Mark and I where he came from, and that he has 1 opportunity during the year to go home. It takes him 4 days to travel to his family's town, near Inner Mongolia. I was telling Mark that it would be hard just going home once a year and his response was, " I didn't go home for years. It's only since I met you, that I've been going home more often." He's such a guy!

On another note, today, we arrived in class all ready and prepared for day 3 of our lessons, and our teacher announces that we have classes this Saturday and Sunday. You're kidding right? No, it wasn't April Fool's, so no it's not a joke. The question was posed to Chen Lau Shir, (teacher, Chen in Mandarin) how come we just find this out now? She was just informed today as well and explained that since we have the week off and not just three days, we had to make up for those days. Most of the students had made arrangements during this time period since we were told by the administrators that the last day was the 28th.

The question was posed, "who was willing to take notes for those of us on holidays?"

Sorry, but this admin is on holidays!

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