Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy Labour Day

Yesterday, we walked a quarter of the island for the hunt of two lawn chairs that we can use to sit out on our balcony. Okay maybe not a quarter but it was close. We walked over 5 miles and the island is only 26. The weather though hot during the days are becoming more bearable in the evening. We went to the Carrefour to see if they had any chairs and didn't have what we were looking for, so we continued on our quest to the Chinese version of Home Depot. They had the chairs, though not exactly, close enough. What they didn't have was the price that we were looking for. Those blue chairs that everyone has back home when you venture out to Ravinia, or for a nice picnic in the park are generally what, $7-$10? In China or at least this store, they wanted $20-$30. That can't be right. Don't they make these things in China, I ask? Everything here is inexpensive, how is it that these chairs are not? Mark just shakes his head in confusion as the table that he wanted for the balcony was a small fold up little guy and they wanted a whopping $60. He then suggests that we try Trustmart, the Chinese version of Kmart? We found the chairs that we wanted and with the price that we wanted to pay, only $7. All is right in the world again. We christened our chairs with a bottle of wine and checking our neighbours apartments out in the next building.

Unlike North America, the Chinese do not celebrate Labour Day, so we hope everyone is having a great long weekend, eating, drinking and laughing.

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