Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hong Kong

So, after the fun of visas we actually did have a chance to enjoy Hong Kong. We wandered around a few different districts, and then took the Star ferry over to Kowloon bay. Wandered a bit and enjoyed the outdoor markets. A lot of good fake watches and all, it was fun just to browse.
Tina wanted to stop at an oyster and wine bar at the Sheraton, so we wandered up and ordered a nice bottle of wine and an seafood platter. The food was amazing and we had a great view of Hong Kong island and the lights.

While we are eating the music stops and the piped in music starts announcing company names, odd we think, and then realise that all the buildings across the bay have gone dark. As each company is named a building lights up, it was like a band announcing it's group members. And on drums we have the Bank of China building....

After the introduction, we get a laser light show set to music with all the buildings in Hong Kong taking part in it. Really something amazing to see, and to think it was an accident by us. Apparently they do this every night at 20:00, the night before we were sitting in a bar not realising that all this was going on around us. We were lucky to see it, the guide book told us about the view from the restaurant but not about the light show. We wonder if it is something new, at an Irish pub later the waitress tells us that she's been living in HK for 8 years and has never seen the light show.

We met a lot of other ex-pats and travellers, and spent far too long at the pub. Last night we arrived home at 04:00, and somewhere in our travels I lost my ball cap.


Christine in China said...

Hello Mark,
I just got your comment from early August. It is great to know that other Canadian/American are in Xiamen. My blog is going to start being more active. We are arriving in Xiamen on Tuesday, and I am sure we are going to have a few cultural shocks in the next few weeks. We would love to exchange with you and why not meet...Are you still in Hong-Kong? We will be in HK Monday! I just saw one of your July blogs and clearly you are experiencing the same things: learn a few words of mandarin to manage, find classes at Xiamen University, travel end of September when Chinese people are on vacation... I am sure we will have a lot to exchange... Christine

Mark said...


Hope that your travels are good, we fly back to Xiamen Sunday night. Anytime you need any information or assistance just send us an e-mail and we will be happy to help...