Sunday, September 9, 2007

Victoria Peak

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day and we wore able to take the tram up to Victoria peak and look around. Somewhere in there we decided that it would be nice to take and make a leisurely stroll back down.
About half way down we realize that after all the walking we had done the night before, that maybe this was just a little too much. You know that the next day is going to be a little rough when you can feel it in your legs, and not to disappoint the both of us felt it a little this morning and started to notice just how many stairways there are in Hong Kong...
But, all in all, it was a great day with the sightseeing, the hiking, and then some good old western food and drinks. I don't think either of us realized how much we missed margarita's, and we both really enjoyed a cheese plate with some wine this afternoon. We also bought and returned with a couple cans of soup, some black beans, mustard, and some chips...
So now we are back at home after a quick weekend in Hong Kong, once again it was nice to get out someplace a little more comfortable in a western style, but it is also good to be back in Xiamen.

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Christine in China said...

Hello Mark and Tina,
This is too funny. You guys and us might be similar in a few ways. We were up on Victoria Peak at the end of July and ... we walked down... and yes, we felt it in the back of our legs for a couple of days. But the funny thing is that a business colleague from Hong-Kong could not believe that we had done it. He had never heard of someone doing so. Well, I just found others it seems!
Talk to you soon,