Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Moment of Reflection

I was thinking today, how lucky both Mark and I are. Here we are in China. We keep saying that to each other, probably to acknowledge the fact that we aren't dreaming. Perhaps for the time that we are here in Xiamen, it will always feel like we are in a dream. I began to wonder how rich we both were, oh, not in monetary terms but with life in general. We have our health, as my father always wants to remind us, we have great family and friends who have supported our decision to move to another hemisphere and knowing that some of you will come and visit us here in China. We also know that you are a quick email/call/IM away and we appreciate it.

Why this mushy stuff now? No idea. Perhaps because I had a wonderful, relaxing massage for $7 or thought about our future travels, or I just had a moment where I just wanted to reflect on the past few months.

As I sit here writing the blog for the day, waiting for Mark and Rocky, so that we can go for dinner, I receive a call from Mark, that he and Rocky are taking the shuttle instead of driving, which takes a little longer since the shuttle has to stop to drop other employees off. Okay I said, any reason why? I get this." I don't know, and I stopped trying to understand" and my response back to my beloved was, " Did you have a frustrating day?, in which Mark replied, "don't even ask."

Okay so one of us apparently appreciated living in China today.

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