Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Travel Agent extraordinaire

I thought I gave up on playing travel agent, but it appears if you want anything done right you have to do it yourself. You wonder why I'm a control freak. I talked to my travel agent to start booking flights to Vietnam over the Chinese Holiday which begins Oct 01 for 7 days. I give her an outline of an itinerary of what we would like to see while we are there, and ask if she can book hotels and perhaps transportation between the central part of Vietnam. She can book the air she says, but thinks it would be best if book the hotels and the ground transportation.

Can you imagine if we said that to our clients?

I filled the past few days figuring out where we want to stay, and what we want to do while in Vietnam. Today, I received an email from my agent advising that she can book the hotels, but we would need to book the ground transportation. Mmmm, one has to wonder how some people would survive in a job back home. I tell her that we have the land figured out, to confirm the air and advise us the process for the visas.

I get the itinerary back, and she changed the middle date because she thought 4 days in Hanoi would be too much. Apparently she thought we might be bored in Hanoi and changed the flights to one day earlier. I too, have at times wanted to change tickets on behalf of my clients, most times it was for a one way ticket, but then I thought better of it. I liked my job.

How I miss having my own CRS system.

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