Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Final Preperations

So, as most of you that have been reading along know, tomorrow afternoon we will have our first China visitor. We have been making full lists of things to do so that we can show off our new home, and hopefully Emily will enjoy her trip. By we are making lists, I mean that Tina is making lists and I say "Sure, sounds great." every time she asks if I think doing something will be a good idea. That works until she throws out a multiple choice question.

When we finally received all of our items, we realized that although we had downsized we still had a lot of stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere. This is extra apparent when you live in a house with no drawers in the kitchen and no closet space at all. We think that people here just do not own a lot of clothes, my very small collection fills up what closet space we have. That said, the guest room quickly became a storage room. This apparently would not do when one has a guest over.

So, last weekend we shuffled everything around, found extra spaces for items, and cleaned up as much as we could. Tina felt that we really needed to get a mattress pad for the guest room, and we made that our main weekend goal.

So yes, everything is now ready for our first visitor, a fairly comfortable bed, a clean room, and Tina's itinerary that is detailed to the extreme.

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