Thursday, October 18, 2007


So tonight we are in Shanghai to welcome our first guest. Emily flew in this afternoon, and we met her to take her around Shanghai before we take the train over to Hangzhou tomorrow.

We met up with Emily and went out for a nice dinner out on the Bund, where we had a nice view of the river. We then walked along the river and dealt with all of the peddlers that are pushing watches and other cheap goods. We were heading over to the famed Peace Hotel where we could have a drink before heading in for the night.

No doing, the hotel has been closed for renovations since April. Ok, well we head back towards the hotel and figure that we will just stop at the first bar that we find, forgetting of course that the Chinese don't really do bars. Since we are off of the main tourist strip, there are no bars only restaurants, clothing stores, and hair salons. So, with jet lag starting to hit Emily, we decide to call it an early night...

Tomorrow we take the train to Hangzhou which is, as CCTV9 the only English TV channel we have explains, the most beautiful city in China.

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