Saturday, October 13, 2007

Home sweet home.

It feels so good to finally have our belongings, to unpack the rest of our clothes, our photos, DVDs, and books. Tina spend the better half of yesterday afternoon, instead of studying, unpacking boxes and finding places to put everything, and washing all of our sheets and towels.

The most important thing to arrive, other then the wine that we were so anxiously awaiting, is our kitchen supplies. Knives, sauce pans, skillets, and all sorts of non-perishable food stuffs. It felt like we had just hit a cooking jackpot.

Finally the end of our almost three months of the same nightly discussion:

"What do you feel like eating tonight?"

"I don't know, I guess Chinese."

Last night we cooked up a Tex-Mex chicken and rice dish and sat out on our balcony and enjoyed a nice home cooked meal. Ah, how good it tasted.

Today we woke up nice and early so that I could listen to the Sox game, and we had a nice breakfast of pancakes. Pancakes never tasted so good.

Yes, and with the books and photos this place feels a lot more ours then it did just a few short days ago. Home sweet home indeed....

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