Saturday, October 13, 2007

Meaningless Milestone #1

One Hundred Posts.

Ah, our first 100 posts. What better time to look back at what we’ve done and talk about where we are going, right? Eh, we think we’re doing well.

Actually all this posting has been fun, and it’s allowed us to keep track of everything that we have going on with this move. I think that doing this has helped to keep us grounded and a little more sane, as often when things seem at their worst we will just say “Ah, now this will make a great post for the blog…”

For another item, we have finally loaded all of our Vietnam pictures up into Flickr. They are all located within the ‘Travel’ collection, and we tried to group them so that you could fairly easily get through them. As you click on each set it should give you a quick view of all the photos so you can just select the ones you want to look at.

Another addition that we finally added is the links on the side to some of the other blogs and internet sites that we try to read with some regularity. I had the time to finally do this while listening to that incredibly long and unbelievably frustrating Sox game this morning.

I'm still amazed at just how far technology has advanced, and how lucky we are to be able to take advantage of it. From streaming the radio feed and listening to a baseball game a half a world away to following world news events, and finally in being able to quickly and easily allow people to keep up with our adventures. Because, believe me, you wouldn't be receiving letters, e-mails, or update calls if we had done this move as recently as 5 years ago.

After that, what do you guys think? How are we doing, what would you like to see more of, what do you wish we wouldn’t bother to tell you? Anything?


Lisa Thompson said...

Has it really been 100 posts??? Sure doesn't seem like it... I find it ALL absolutely fascinating and hope you'll not stop at 100. From holes in the floor to typoons to pesky airline employees - you two really have experienced so much. REALLY looking forward to the details of your first guest. Tina, nice work on the timing of telling Emily about the foods that are served with their heads on... please don't let her get near the goat :-)

Take care - Miss you,
Lisa T

Tina said...

Yea, we thought we should give her a heads up...No pun intended...
Miss you too, Lisa. Not the same irritating my schoolmates as I did with you..LOL


Aiglee said...

Great posts!!! Please don't stop, I love to read everything both of you write :)

Tina, thank you for adding me in your blogs :D