Saturday, October 20, 2007

The most beautiful city in China....

Ah, a full day in Hangzhou to tour what again is constantly touted as China's most beautiful city. It is a beautiful city, we spent today walking around the west lake.

Actually we slept in until 09:00, then went out and has Starbucks since this is a tourist town and they have it. The coffee was delicious. Then we hopped onto a boat tour, which takes you between the small islands on the lake. You can just get on and off at your leisure, and it makes for a very nice relaxing day.

One problem is that, being Saturday, there are a lot of tourists. This is the most people that we have had to deal with in a long time, it's strange when you aren't used to it. Another problem that we had is that when you get off the boat on the lake shore your ride is over. We learnt this when we got off the boat on the opposite side of the lake when we got out to climb up the pagoda. So we ended up walking back around the lake which took a few hours, but we did see a wonderful sunset, and then sat in a small western bar for a bottle of wine and a cheese plate.

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charissa said...

It looks like you all are having a great time! I'm so glad Emily gets to visit you...say hi to her for me, and I'll be following your adventures!
All the best, Charissa (Emily's friend:-))