Friday, October 19, 2007


Getting to Hangzhou is a story in itself, in that I had asked Rachel to purchase train tickets for us just to avoid any issues when we finally got to Shanghai. Rachel works up in the Shanghai office, and helped out out by getting tickets for us. However, we had to go up to the office first thing in the morning before we went over to the train station. This turned out to be over an hour in the taxi, and although it provides a great idea of just how big Shanghai is, it is not a fun way to spend your morning.

But after running around all morning, we pulled into the Hangzhou station shortly after 13:00 and were quickly at the hotel.

From there we had a delicious lunch and headed down to see the famed west lake. It is beautiful, and we are really looking forward to taking some boats across that lake tomorrow. We've wandered around and found the relaxing cafes and restaurants, and now we are off to what should be a great dinner....

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