Friday, January 18, 2008

Definition of hell or heaven...

It's amazing sometimes how life works. When I first arrived in China, the excitement of moving to another country wandering the streets of Xiamen, checking the shops out, learning to adapt to another culture lasted a few weeks before the reality of not working hit me. While Mark was away at work adjusting to his new work life, I was struggling to find things to do during the day. One can only shop, sightsee, and do so many massages for so long before it becomes monotonous.

Ah, then school started, that's when things changed. We had three hours every day, while also dedicating about 3-4 hours of homework and studying. While doing that, I have been helping some Chinese learn English and taking Tai Chi. At this point my days were quite busy and I was glad for that, and so was Mark.

Now that school is just about over and we have a month before the next semester, I am actually excited about having some down time. There are books, books and more books that I haven't looked at since I started school and looking forward to having some down time to read a few of them.

What I thought was hell, having all this spare time, I've come to the realization that it's quite the opposite. It's more like heaven, though I'm sure by the end of this break, I will be anxious to get back to school.

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