Monday, March 3, 2008

I have pictures to prove it..

Okay friends and family, I don't want you to die from shock, but last Friday I was over at a friends house where she entertained some of us and invited her local friends so that they could teach us laowais how to make dumplings. Yea, you read correctly, I actually learned how to cook something!
It's quite simple really, you just need to have the ingredients and patience. Okay, the latter is where I lack sometimes. You add the ingredients in,to a medium bowl, mix together, and place the mixture into a little round dough used for dumplings, fold in a manner in which the Chinese are content with, and you boil them, 3 times. They want to make sure that your pork/chicken is cooked. The sealing of the dumpling is the trickiest part to making the dumplings. It has to be sealed correctly, or our teachers would give the dumpling back to you to fix properly.

You can see from the picture who the pro is here!

And here's my proof. My first dumpling!
I even brought some home to Mark, so he can try them and yes he enjoyed them very much.

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