Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Local Food Markets

So, yesterday Tina shared how she had actually cooked up some dumplings, and another Chinese thing that we do is to shop in the local food markets. Where we live we are about two blocks from a great street market that sells almost everything that you need to prepare a great meal.

We are planning on getting some Chinese help in knowing how to purchase fish, duck, chicken, or pork from these markets. Tina's already had some tips on what to look for, so a little help and we'll be cruising the markets like seasoned professionals.
So, what do we buy? Well mainly oranges, which Tina purchases at least twice a week, but in addition to fresh fruit we have recently switched to purchasing all of vegetables off the street. They're cheaper, even though we are probably being charged more then the locals, and the selection is better.

And finally, they always have little stands set up where they are cooking breads, crepe-type things, fried eggs and all sorts of other things. This last weekend I purchased a little fried dough ball filled with something like an apple pie. Outstanding....

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