Thursday, March 6, 2008

More food stuff

We love the frest fruits that we can get here in China, have we mentioned that before?

Well the pomelo is out of season so now those are hard to find, and although the durian is now in season we aren't running out to purchase any. Luckily we were introduced into two new fruits that are now in season... That's right, meet the custard apple and the mangosteen. The custard apple is the stange looking green fruit, and the mangosteen is a small dark purple fruit.

For the mangosteen, you just grab it with both hands and give it a twist to break it apart so that you can get to the fruit inside. The inside looks like small cloves of garlic, but boy are they ever delicious. One of two of the bigger sections have pits that you can't eat, but we tear through one of these fruits pretty quickly...
The custard apple you need to cut apart, but it easily slices into sections just read for eating.
You don't eat the outside, and the fruit is loaded with black seeds so it is very similar to eating a watermellon, only this time it's tasty....

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