Thursday, March 27, 2008

More of Japan

In addition to being lucky that there was baseball in Japan and that we we able to get tickets to the second game, we were also blessed with the cherry blossoms being a few weeks early this year. That, and despite what warned us, other then one day of rain the rest of our time in Tokyo was absolutely beautiful.

After a full day of touring the parks, and a little shopping, we wandered back over to the Tokyo dome for more baseball. The previous night Matt had picked out a excellent little sushi restaurant, so we headed back over to eat there again. This place was amazing, just great food and really inexpensive compared to most of the other places that we had been. The owner was really friendly and even brought out his photo book to show us his trip to China...
We stayed in the ballpark after the game until they finally came around to kick everybody out, it gave us a chance to tour around and see the lower section of the ballpark.
Then first thing this morning, 06:00, we got up and packed to catch the shuttle to the airport. We are safely back home in China and Matt is on his way back to the states. We'll add some more stories and load up our photos this weekend.

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